Never Before. Never Again.


Predictive Analytics

Do you invest huge amount of money for festive based on intuition & previous festive sales? Take no more chances & wild guess.

Our predictive analytics mines tons of data and analyses dozens of sales parameters and brings to you predictive analytics on your business from dimensions to help you take better informed decisions.

Stock Entry Robot

Tired of time consuming stock entry procedures at your store and investing your core resources & business critical time in backend procedures?

Smart Stock Entry Bot brings to you futuristic robot that helps you auto predict product name of your item using image compare API, auto detects weight with weighing scale integration , size prediction using machine learning & take 3D photos using virtual 3D photo studio and generates RFID tags automatically making your stock entry faster & accurate.

Machine Learning enables the stock entry person to predict product charges to be entered based on procurement data, previous stock values & sales thereby increasing profits.

The robot can enable you to speed up your tagging procedures by 5X and reduce your human resources cost by 10X.


Salesman Robot

Make your salesman the super hero of your store by equipping them with smart tablets to take estimations in seconds, print bills wireleslly,
accept payments in seconds & delivery the products to delivery counter via delivery drones.


Payment Modes

As world moves to digital payments, its time to go digital with your business. Get payments from your customers via multi digital channels like online payment gateway integrations, UPI, mobile pos and many more.

No more waiting time @ the billing section, get digital payments on tablets via our MPOS Solution.

Smart Trolley System

Do you face burglary risks over the counters storages in your store? Add smart security layer with invisible sensors attached to your storage systems and get real-time notifications on unauthorized access.

We use futuristic indoor positioning system to track your trolleys in the store and help
you track progress of your stock within the store to avoid burglary risks.

We have integrated with world class sensor technology that can track gesture, motion & any unauthorized access attempts with 100% accuracy nullying the business losses.